As a veteran, business owner, non-profit founder, pastor, father, and husband, Billy Graff has spent his lifetime continuously serving his community, country, and family.

In the early 80s he spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corp and then transitioned into civilian life by starting his own company as well as working for a small business startup. After a time investing in business experience, Billy felt called to ministry and began a 20 year journey as a local pastor. Throughout this time he pursued multiple levels of education leading to a Doctorate of Philosophy in BiblicalStudies. In addition to caring for the needs of his church he ministered to individuals facing the end of their lives by serving as a hospice chaplain. Billy has and continues to serve on a variety of boards related to ministry and community service.



Billy found another way to help the people around him by addressing needs faced by many, and that were recently highlighted by the disaster of Hurricane Harvey. In 2008 he founded and became the President of IConnect Outreach Inc, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization providing home repair and rebuild services at no cost to disaster survivors. Through IConnect Billy has worked with elected officials on the state, county and city levels. 1000’s of people have been directly impacted by Billy’s assistance in providing long-term recovery and resilience to counties affected by disasters.

For 37 years Billy has been married to his wife Dawn. They raised 3 sons and now enjoy time with their 6 grandchildren. Billy attributes his dedication to his family and his commitment to morality and character as a direct result of his faith in Jesus Christ.