1. Protect Montgomery County Values

I will push back against liberal activists who want to use all local governments to push their agenda. In many suburban counties across the nation we are seeing leftists aggressively push for more abortions and celebration of radical sexual policies, even through local governments. Montgomery County is going to focus on the core functions of government, and we won’t allow leftist activists to advance their agenda while I’m County Commissioner.

2. Fiscal Discipline & Zero based Budgeting

I will push to maintain a budget that reflects disciplined priorities. The budget must not out-pace population growth and inflation, and should be returning surplus revenues to taxpayers.  Every budget year the budget should be formulated through zero based budgeting.  Montgomery County residents cannot afford one more penny in property taxes. As a County Commissioner, working with conservatives like Mark Keough, a fiscally conservative budget will be a top priority. Once I am elected I am committing to cut my salary by 20%.

3. Increased Transparency

I will work with commissioners’ court to ensure that meetings are held at a time that is conducive to citizens attendance and after being live streamed, videos are available for download. Once elected, I pledge to hold quarterly town halls throughout the District. This would provide significant constituent interaction, much more than our community has received in the past.

4. Strong Ethics Board and Oppose Tax Funded Lobbyists

Representatives Steve Toth and Will Metcalf teamed up with Senator Creighton to successfully pass HB 1495 this session. This legislation establishes a new local ethics commission to be led by local leaders and a code of ethics that will hold local elected officials accountable. It is essential that our next County Commissioner fight to have the strongest representation on the ethics commission possible. As your commissioner I will ensure that the most ethical leaders in our community are placed on the commission, and that they focus their efforts on holding local officials like myself accountable.

I will oppose the use of tax dollars to hire Austin lobbyists.  91% of Texans oppose taxpayer funded lobbyists. If the county needs something from the legislature, I can and will pick up the phone. Every single State Representative and Senator Creighton all voted to ban taxpayer funded lobbying last session, and I will stand with them and ensure that Montgomery County handles your tax dollars with care.

5. Infastructure

Montgomery is growing at a rapid pace  and that pace is projected to continue.  We need to be prepared for this growth.  To meet these needs, I will push for a mobility study, strategic infrastructure plan, and better flood management that keeps our future growth in mind and keeps our citizens safe.

6. Oppose Toll-Roads

I will advocate for every penny of transportation dollars we can get, while opposing toll roads that will double tax our residents, and forever increase the cost of travel in our community. Even though the primary toll project being debated in Montgomery County is found outside of our precinct, it will only be a matter of time before toll projects are being pushed on our residents as well.